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Column: Growing, Scaling, and Improving Your Business

NEW: Four Ways To Generate Leads On LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

The top way to grow your business is to sell more products and services to more customers.  The most important thing for sales to sell to more customers is to generate more leads.  Businesses are always looking for ways to generate leads. Since social media has become more popular since the pandemic, many businesses look for ways to generate leads on social media platforms.  Many business-to-business companies are looking for ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. This article shares four ways to generate leads on LinkedIn.  Best of all, all four of these methods are free.


Building A Business Growth Mindset

So, what is a Business Growth Mindset? If a growth mindset in people is a belief in oneself that your abilities can be developed, then a business growth mindset is focused on the business’s abilities and not a person’s. A business growth mindset is the belief of a business that it is fully capable of growing and is fully responsible for its own growth.


A Leader's Role in Business Growth

Leaders tend to mostly focus on revenue growth in their business.  Growth – adding more customers and making more money – adds complexity to your business.  When all you focus on is growth, eventually things in your business start to fracture and break. This is why scaling and improving are important as your business grows.  Otherwise, your business starts to bleed like it is suffering from 1000 cuts! Your voice, as a leader, is very important to drive growth in the business.  However, there are other areas, which are focused on scaling and improving, where your voice is key.


A Focus On Business Growth

The linchpin to growing, scaling, and improving a business, is business growth.  Without growth, a business stagnates and does not change.  When no complexity is added through growth, there is little need to scale and improve, unless scaling and improving are what is holding your business back from growing. Growth is categorized at a higher-level as either “organic” or “inorganic.”  This month’s Authoritti5.0 theme is specifically on Organic Growth.  So, I wanted to specifically address this article from a business growth sense.


Are You Dealing With FEAR

Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome, a Scarcity and Fixed Mindset, poor Emotional Intelligence, always feeling the Victim, and other limiting factors?


How to Grow, Scale, and Improve Your Business

Do you want to grow your small business into a medium-sized business? Do you want to take your medium-size business to a large business? Are you looking to go from $100,000 a year in revenue to $1 million? Maybe $1 million-$100 million?


Number One Problem With SMBs

Would you like to know what the number one problem is in most small and medium businesses? Answer: They lack a true c-suite! A c-suite is much more than a bunch of high-paid executives with fancy titles that start with the word “chief.”  These are highly sought-after business experts that have in-depth knowledge, skills, and abilities in their line of work.


What’s In A Name?

I’ve been improving lives and businesses for over 25 years.  I recognize starting this new column with Authoritti 5.0 as a great honor. In every issue, this column will provide strategic, operational, and tactical methods to grow, scale, and improve your business. Authoritti 5.0 is dedicated to coaches, consultants, and business owners.  However, the terms “coach” and “consultant” are sometimes confused by business owners. Who am I kidding?  They’re always confused!


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