Strategic Business Advisory Services
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Crosscutter Enterprises
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We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Strategic and Business Planning

Anyone can come up with a mission and vision statement with sweet-sounding goals, but 70% of all strategies fail to achive some or all of their objectives.


Crosscutter Enterprises uses proven methods to truly develop an executable strategy that will serve any size organization -- for profit or not.  Additionally, Crosscutter Enterprises has the expereince of implementation and can turn any strategy into action.


Follow Think Big, Take Small Steps.


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Strategic Communication and Marketing Planning


Many companies are doing a lot of communicating, but is there message being heard or having any desired impact?  Most organizations suffer from a lack of effective internal and external communications.


Crosscutter Enterprises ties coummunications and marketing plans to organizational strategies to ensure they support the companies direction.  Using proven approaches, rooted in audience analysis, the communications continuum, and tool development, Crosscutter Enterprises creates easily executable plans.

Holistic Organizational Process and Performance Improvement Planning


Processes got you down?  Something wrong in your organization, but you just don't know what or why?  Performing process improvement, but it's not making the impact you expected?


Crosscutter Enterprises has extensive expereince developing holistic process and performance improvement approaches for all types of businesses.  Combining process improvement, performance management, and education and training with strategy and change, Crosscutter Enterprises can help you inculcate a culture of continuous strategic improvement.


Individual, Organizational, and Leadership Development and Coaching


Whether you need one-on-one strategic development coaching to land a new job, or you're looking for structured leadership and employee development, finding the right person can be rather difficult.


Crosscutter Enterprises can provide full service leadership mentoring, coaching, and training, either one-on-one, or in a group.  We understand where you are and where you are going to help you develop knowledge, skills, and abilities to get there.  We are experts in establishing personal strategies like you would expect for any major corporation.  We also can simply consult for the purposes of discussing potential solutions to current problems you are facing.



Facbook Marketing Workshop



We, like you, have struggled to engage our audience on social media.  However, we have worked to fully understand the ins-and-outs of the maze of digital advertising -- especially advertising without spending money!


If you struggle with social media, like we have in the past, then I might be able to help you now!


We offer you a hands-on education and training on how to leverage your Facebook social media platform to engage your audience and bring customers into your front door!!!


This training isn’t focused on building ads or promotions that cost you money (although we do at least touch on it).  This training is primarily focused on teaching you how to leverage your Facebook platform to promote and advertise your business(es) for free every day!


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