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Fair Oaks Ranch TX

Business Management Consultant

Of The Year

2020 Boerne, Texas, Business of the Year (Under 50 Employees) Nomination

What people are saying

"John is an 'exemplary publishing member' with Forbes Coaches Council. I use his profile as the example for new members to model their profiles after."


John Knotts Uses Forbes Councils Publishing to Build His Brand


~ Sara Adams

"John was the catalyst that turned a mature, sluggish, expensive set of processes into lean, focused and agile ones through his in-depth process engineering knowledge and strong people skills. But more importantly, he was the catalyst that changed the culture of the entire organization into one that was focused on process excellence and management by fact."


~ Mark Still

"Strategic, compassionate, engaging, confident, and altruistic are "top of mind" phrases about John Knotts."


~ Monica Hayes

"John is one of the best strategic planners and process engineers I know."


~ Richard Agee

"John is one of those people who are drivers of change. He is proactive, creative, and full of energy."


~ Dr. CMSgt (Ret) Jose LugoSantiago

"When I think of the Air Force Sergeants Association and Europe, I see John’s face. I have not seen or meet anyone since who was better at this position than he…John is a natural leader."


~ CMSgt (Ret) Vickie Coleman, CEO

"John provided rock-solid analysis and leadership for Booz | Allen | Hamilton and Air Force Personnel"


~ Kraig “Bear” Kroft

"When you need a hard job completed, John has the track record, aptitude, management, and more importantly, leadership skills to make it happen."

~ CMSgt (Ret) Jack De Forrest III

"John is an intelligent, skillful and committed professional who strives for excellence in his craft. He is intentional in understanding client business needs and endeavors to effectively meet the return on expectation and investment. An invaluable asset!"

~ Dr. Sydney Savion


"John is a superb manager and visionary with a broad spectrum of capabilities that lead to success in any organization"


~ James Fleming


"John is a true change agent, whether it be in government, corporate America, or even in his personal life. He's one of those rare breeds who is self-motivated, thrives on constant improvement, and checks his ego at the door."


~Amber Cargile

"In my 20+ years of professional experience, John is the most talented and knowledgeable strategic planner I have met."


~ Dan Bredeson

"Embodies the spirit of "servant leader" both for his direct reports and the clients that he serves. He's a true consultant in that he not only provides advice but he also executes and takes a stake in the success of whatever he recommends."


~ James Grant

"What has impressed me most is his perspectives on determination, strategy, leadership, and communication. His background and experience is a testimony of his commitment to process improvement, and being a solution provider."


~ Eric Pena

"A seasoned coach and trainer in leadership and managements, the niche he seems to have learned, accumulated real life skills and experiences. John seems to have captured extreme details ( what other leaders seems to have ignored and taken for granted) of what happens in organizations across the world."


~ Mwithia Livingstone

"John is a strong leader and a skilled coach and teacher. He is always willing to lend a hand with a team in coaching or rolling up his sleeves and digging in to finish a project. I would gladly work with for or around John at a moment's notice!"


~ Nicole Pauley

"If you're looking for someone to help you with Leadership Development, John is your guy."


~ Deborrah Ashley

"He is an individual with a high caliber. His actions are clear and goal-oriented. Some of his superpowers include Program Management, Change Management, Leadership Development, Business Process Improvement, etc. Over that, he is a great human being with a golden heart. He aims at giving back to the community by sharing daily insights via his informative posts."


~ Suprabhat Das

"Incredibly knowledgeable about setting business strategy & vision, goal setting, and strategic leadership practices. His vast business experience enables him to help business owners on many levels. He’s a “Success Incubator” because he truly cares about helping individuals and organizations to learn, grow, and reach their full potential."


~ Krista Spence

"Showed great team player attributes and has the highest integrity and is a role model for many of his peers and colleagues. He is also a natural leader outside work. He is analytical, bright and works hard to find practical solutions that he is able to bring others with him to implement."


~ David Bradshaw

"John is a coach's coach. He's patient, articulate, and cuts through what seem to be complex issues in my own head - with real clarity. More than anything, John helps me uncover answers myself, calls me out on areas I need to improve, and helps keep me accountable. And I know from working with him, he walks his own talk. If you are looking for clarity, or help just being your best self, no question I recommend John."


~ Ray Green

"Knotts is a well thought out leader, coach and mentor. His interview prep guide has helped various people like me. Highly recommend anyone that needs a mentor and or a strategic problem solver."


~ Shri

"I had a great time working with John Knotts! We were able to identify key steps to take and develop a strategy in how to reach each step. I would highly recommend John to any business, small or large, that's seeking guidance identifying growth opportunities and create a strategy for the future."


~ Kyle Weckerly

John Knotts' book - Becoming Unbelievably Successful is a must-read. Once I began to read it, I couldn't stop until I finished! Extremely powerful novel, I highly recommend this to high school and college students, especially because it can change our perspective on life and provide us with entrepreneurial tools we need to lead the future of tomorrow. As always, John's extensive business experience has led him to publish an influential book for our generations! So excited for all that's to come in the future John! 


~ Selvi Arora

I first met John when he spoke at a Chamber of Commerce meeting. He is an excellent speaker who holds his audience's attention and keeps them engaged. He is a natural mentor and coach. He knows how to get people thinking by asking thought-provoking questions. John is passionate about all of his endeavors. He is a truly successful human being, not just in business but in life. 


~ Jane Lehman

I connected with John on LinkedIn, about a year ago as a contributing writer through Global Business Playbook (GBP). Since then, I have always enjoyed his highly informative articles in GBP, thought provoking posts and comment engagements on LinkedIn, and his various other publications.


I always appreciated the self-reflection and empowering nature of his content, which I also experienced in a 2.5-hour value packed one-one conversation, I recently had with him. The awesome conversation included so much giving, sharing, and mentoring by John. What really stood out for me is the calm and expertise he spoke with, which clearly reflected his real-life experiences of having been there and done it. And what truly impressed me is - he has been doing what he does best for so long, that now it is no longer work but second nature to him. As he discussed his experiences, I learnt that he lives by the strategies he shares and coaches people on. His success is proof of the success one would achieve, if his suggestions are followed right, because he tries and tests them first.


Congratulations! John for the wonderful work you are doing. Your title ‘Success Incubator’ is very fitting, considering your own success and the success you help others achieve, through your personal and professional life journey. Wishing you the best.


~ Sushma Mamindlapalli

John is the master at helping you organize and promote your LinkedIn account and activities. Through his superb tools, tips and techniques, anyone would benefit from getting his advice. I’m sure by following up on even some of what he taught me will pay off greatly. Thanks John!

~ Bill Straubinger

I have known John for several years. Extremely knowledgeable in strategic planning, SWOT analysis and business process engineering. Always found him great to work with.

~ David Ford

John pushed me to grow personally and professionally. His extensive work experience, ability to explain complex topics, and attention to detail are just a couple of the things that stand out about my time with him. If you are looking for a coach or a consultant I highly recommend reaching out to John!


~ Scott McClurg

John is a dynamic and process-driven leader. He is passionate about processes and is very active in consulting and building businesses to be better. I am very happy that we get to spend a short time getting to know him and learning from him.


~ Avery Duke

If you’re looking for a standout mentor or coach, John is the one you need in your corner! When I returned to LinkedIn after a two-year hiatus, it seemed like I was learning to navigate a new planet! Much had changed, and my posts were receiving little engagement; I felt ready to quit. On a whim, I reached out to John -and it has since been a continual upward journey of successful growth and learning. John has a brilliantly organized mind and a passion for efficiency. What truly sets him apart is his deep desire to help others become the best version of themselves. He also has this innate ability to draw out the best in you by identifying those self-imposed blocks, illuminating them, and then helping you tear them down. Through his critical-thinking style, he has taught me to dig deep, discover the root cause of my limitations, and weed them out. To ALWAYS be curious, and never afraid of not knowing the answer. The ultimate mentor, John, is an invaluable asset for anyone seeking success in their professional, personal, or business lives.


~ Cynthia Soares-Harfoush

John is brilliant and standouts when it comes to developing a personal strategic plan. His biggest strength is to help individuals with his step-by-step approach, discussions, and eventually breaking down into smaller pieces to articulate the plan.


~ Vikram Sarveiya

He provided insight into which areas to focus on in moving my own business forward and was very generous with his time and experience. The wealth of experience and knowledge he possesses will address your success challenges.


~ Darryl Treadwell

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