Strategic Business Advisory Services
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Crosscutter Enterprises
Crosscutter Enterprises

Crosscutter Enterprises: Outstanding Experience

Crosscutter Enterprises was founded by John Knotts, an Air Force retired veteran, in 2008. He brings to the table a diverse background and range of experiences.  John was an internal strategic business consultant for 11 years in the Air Force, honed his strategy and change skills with Booz | Allen | Hamilton after the Air Force, and then was an internal strategic business consultant for United Services Automobile Association.  Additionally, John ran his own local internet magazine and has consulted for large and small businesses and nonprofits.  He has effectively led organizations over 18,000 in size and as small as less than 50.


Crosscutter Enterprises is available for key business engagements that are in desperate need of assistance.


Mission and Purpose


We are a personal and professional business coaching and consulting firm -- this is What we do, also known as our Mission. It's short and sweet and every word is defined.

We are a Success Incubator...our Why, also known as our Purpose. Providing personal and professional business coaching and consulting, we help you and your business succeed in today's ever-changing business world.
More specifically, many businesses fail. Some fail to achieve what they are capable of and others simply fail altogether. We want to eliminate business failure!
When businesses succeed and grow, they strengthen the economy; they create more jobs; they develop helpful innovations.
Promoting personal and professional business success ultimately promotes world success. Thus, our purpose, as a Success Incubator, is very grandiose and meaningful to us and hopefully to you.



Our vision is to Leave Nothing But Success In Our Wake.


What does this mean to us? In every interaction -- no matter how mundane, we desire to promote success and successful thought. After an interaction, we want you to say to yourself, "Wow, that was really worth it." We may not always achieve this, but that is why it is our vision.


What's in a Name?


Crosscutting is a diamond cutter's way of bringing out the brilliance in a diamond. We believe that you and your business are also a diamond and, with the right adjustments, we can bring out its brilliance as well.


Crosscutter Enterprises follows two main principles, which are the foundation and keys to our success:


  1. Solution Provider
  2. Trusted Advisor


Find out how these core values have helped hundreds of other clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.

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