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Strategic Business Advisory Services
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Here are the recorded presentations and videos I have shared.


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NEW: Are You Prepared?

How important is disaster, contingency, and risk planning for you and your business? You can indeed plan for these situations -- even if you can't plan for everything! This is a presentation on the importance of preparedness planning and a step-by-step guide to building your own plan.


PDCA Planning Approach

We are all project managers.  When you think about the basics of a project, you can see that every day we manage projects.  The question is, how well do you plan them?


Leadership After COVID-19

A presentation and discussion regarding leadership after this crisis is over and in future crises.


Executive Book Review -- Mr. Shmooze

Mr. Shmooze book review.


The Business World After COVID-19

What does a business today need to do to survive in this ‘New Normal,’ as it is being called?  What does the future of business look like?  If you want to be successful in business post-COVID, what should you focus on?


Breaking My Five Paradigms of Intelligent Process Automation

In this presentation, we will explore and refute the five paradigms of intelligent process automation.

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