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Annual Mantras

In 2021, I adopted an annual mantra that I repeated daily as a hashtag in my posts. This mantra grounded me in my daily thoughts and hopefully inspired others around me.



In 2024, my mantra was #neversettle. Success breeds complacency, and complacency kills future success. When you're on the path of unbelievable success, complacency is one of your three enemies, along with fear and stress. It is very easy to settle into a routine. While routines are good for process efficiency, they can be bad for future growth. Complacency likes routine. When you settle, you stop; you quit trying to get better. 


In 2023, my mantra was #plan2fail. Fear holds us back from success; from everything we want in life. One of our biggest fears is to fail, and this makes us operate small. We don't take chances or dream big so that we won't fail. This was about intentionally thinking big. I will not settle, and you shouldn't either. It's okay to strive for more every day. It's okay not to accept your status quo.


In 2022, my mantra was #inthearena. If you've ever read The Man in the Arena, this was about stepping into things that others weren't willing to step into. It was about living boldly!


In 2021, my mantra was #thisisnot2020. This was to emphasize that the dumpster fire of 2020 was behind us, and we needed to look forward and not be stuck in the past.






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