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Strategic Business Advisory Services
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At Crosscutter Enterprises, we believe that every good leader should be a good manager and every good manager should be a good leader.  The emphasis is on improving both skills equally.  Like frontline employees, managers and leaders seldom come to work with the intent of performing poorly.  However, managers and leaders, in particular, tend to not ask for help, because they are expected to solve problems and perform well.


We at Crosscutter Enterprise recognize your desire to perform at your best.  However, we also provide you an honest broker-level of development and coaching advice, which is designed to improve your existing skills and introduce new ones for you to master.  We can provide one-on-one coaching at any level or team and group development activities.

Our Services at a Glance

  • One-on-one business coaching for managers and leaders
  • Personal and professional coaching
  • Team professional and business development
  • Leadership and management group development activities
  • Speaking and presenting on a variety of targeted subjects to large and small groups


A set hourly rate of $400 per hour (minimum one hour).  After purchasing your first hour (minimum), the initial meeting will be an additional (free) 30-minute meeting to determine the Client’s direction and expectations through this coaching effort.


For every five hours the Client books at one time in advance ($2,000), we will provide an additional 30 minutes of consulting time free of charge.  For instance, if the Client books 20 hours in advance for a fee of $8,000, the Client receives an additional 2 hours at no cost, for a total of 22 hours.  Hours must be purchased all at one time -- it is not cumulative.

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