Strategic Business Advisory Services
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Crosscutter Enterprises
Crosscutter Enterprises

Strategy and Business Planning

  • Creating a corporate concept, strategic plan, and/or business plan 
  • Strategic company management 
  • Conduct a complete strategic organizational assessment
  • Organizational and operational structure 
  • Fully strategically aligned project planning and management

Our services at a glance:

Having a well-defined, clear business strategy is the key to corporate planning and management. However, companies often don’t have time to analyze their performance in detail, set strategic goals and objectives, or develop business models for optimal business growth.


Seven out of ten new organizations are lucky to survive two years without an executable strategic plan.  Less than a quarter stay in business past 15 years without solid planning. An organization’s strategy provides much-needed direction and inspiration for not only the organization’s employees, but also its customers, supporters, and partners.


Seventy percent of organizational strategies fail to achieve what they set out to accomplish.  Crosscutter Enterprises creates strategies focused on overcoming the five major reasons these strategies fail.  We will put you on track to successfully achieve your company's long and short-term goals.  Bottom line, we help you create an executable strategy that will succeed.

If you are an Individual, check our or Personal Strategic Planning support.


If you are a New Small Business, check out our Strategic Business Planning support.


If you are an Existing Small to Medium Business, check out Strategic Planning and Support.

Free Operational Excellence Assessment

Do you want your company, organization, business, etc., to be the best it can be?

Not sure what to improve or where to start?

Complete this FREE Operational Excellence Assessment for your company and see where you are today and get advice in the initial direction to head.

This comprehensive assessment was developed after 30 years of working with companies of all sizes and from all industries.

You will receive immediate results -- a score -- but can expect a follow-up assessment report from us within a few days.


Preparedness Planning

Is your business prepared for disasters, contingencies, and risks?


Watch this video on building your preparedness plan.

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