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Coach In Your Corner

What's the number one challenge for an owner, president, or CEO?


The business leader -- the Top Dog -- faces many challenges. The smaller the business, the more challenges they face. The bigger the business, the bigger the challenges.


They have to worry about everything! Revenue, brand, employees, budget, product, complaints, service, pipeline, customers, contracts, and the list goes on and on and on.

So, picking one challenge is difficult.


But, at all levels, the top business leader is always lonely! They seldom have someone that they can talk with -- really talk with. With all the things that an owner, president, or CEO deals with, many lack that certain someone that they can turn to in total confidence.

  • Sometimes, there is an owner and a president or CEO, and they typically form this relationship if the owner is involved.
  • Sometimes there is a founding partnership that is close.
  • Sometimes, the head of HR (if they exist) can be a strong sounding board.
  • I've written extensively about the COO role and establishing an advisory board. These can help immensely.
  • Mentors and peer groups are also helpful, but full disclosure often doesn't occur.

What this leader needs is someone who has been there. Someone that does not have a vested interest in the company. Someone available when needed -- an email, text, or call away. Someone who won't judge you, isn't in competition with you, and will be an honest broker to you.

A business leader needs a strong business coach in their corner.


What is a Coach In Your Corner?

  1. Impartial (no vested interest in the company)
  2. Honest (will tell you when you're not wearing any clothes)
  3. Available (you can contact them at any time, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible if not immediately available)
  4. Knowledgeable (have the experience, education, and expertise to always know what to do)
  5. Safe (everything is discussed in confidence)

Every business owner, president, and CEO needs a coach in their corner.

Coach in Your Corner. 


For $30,000 (6 months) or $55,000 (12 months) (paid in advance, in six-month increments), we are fully available whenever needed to answer questions, discuss plans and activities, and provide coaching advice and guidance.  You can contact us anytime via email, text, or phone, and we will meet regularly to discuss progress.

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