Strategic Business Advisory Services
Strategic Business Advisory Services
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Strategic Business Plan

We are so happy to see you moving in this direction with your small business. We sincerely would like to help you succeed in this endeavor.


Your first and most important step is to establish a plan! You can go it alone and download something from the internet and the SBA and SCORE offer free support. As a former SCORE volunteer, John knows what you are going to get -- it is not bad, but you get what you pay for.


You might not be thinking about formal direction right now, but we hope you are.

Working with individuals starting out, we help them build a Strategic Business Plan.  It contains your four sections on Strategy, Operations, Marketing, and Finance.  This is a living plan that you use every day to drive your business and we have perfected the approach over the past 25 years.


For a solopreneur, this plan is only $5,000 and it takes about a month to create, based on your availability and activity.


Once built, you have four options of your potential way ahead: 

  1. On Your Own.  Take the plan and work on the strategic objectives on your own.  The plan will be designed so that you can pick it up and run with it, keeping it updated and active.
  2. Accountability Partner.  For an average of 2.5 hours ($1,000) a month (paid every month in advance), we work with you every month as an accountability partner, implementing the plan.  Once a month we meet to see what progress was made, adjust plans, and move forward (working on the monthly, quarterly, and annual actions of the plan).  You move at your own pace and keep the plan updated on your own, but we provide advice and guidance along the way.
  3. Coach in Your Corner.  For $5,000 a month (paid in advance, in six-month increments), we are fully available whenever needed to answer questions, discuss plans and activities, and provide coaching advice and guidance.  This is like the support you have received through the building and the initial implementation of your plan.  You can contact us anytime via email, text, or phone, and we will meet regularly to discuss progress.  Includes Accountability Partner actions.
  4. Fractional Consulting Support.  As a professional business consultant, we are available to provide near-fulltime hours of hands-on contracted assistance (at $400 an hour) a week focusing on implementing parts of your Strategic Business Plan.

Whatever you do, please take a deliberate approach, and have a strong executable plan that will help you succeed, grow, scale, and improve your new business.

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