Strategic Business Advisory Services
Strategic Business Advisory Services
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Strategic Plan and Support

Small to Medium Businesses that have existed for awhile need significant strategic direction and assistance to grow, scale, and improve.


We offer two specific strategic services for these types of businesses:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Fractional Support

Strategic Planning

Does your company lack formal direction?


Are your departments all heading in their own direction?


Are you struggling with a poor culture, low morale, and little employee engagement?


Are you experiencing poor customer service and increased complaints?


Are you not sure where to go now?


Chances are you are in desperate need of a Formal Strategic Plan. Many companies do not have strong, executable, strategic guidance for their company. You are not alone. Typically, we start a business and it grows quickly. However, the way we did things when we started simply does not work anymore.


Strategic Planning for a small to medium company is a detailed process at first. It requires completing a detailed Organizational Assessment with lots of research and interviews. Then, it requires an offsite activity with leaders and select attendees.


The product is a long-term strategic plan that is designed to not fail (as many plans do).


Contact us today if you are interested in discussing the development of a Strategic Plan for your company.

Fractional Support

As above, your company needs some significant assistance. However, you are not just looking for strategic direction, but you are also looking for hands-on assistance.


We offer Fractional Chief Operating Officer-level support to not only create your Strategic Plan but also to implement parts of the strategy.


Typically, this is from 10 hours a month to 30 hours a week on a month-by-month six-month contract.  The service can be indefinite, but our goal is to work ourselves out of this near-full time role and eventually find you the right Chief Operating Officer (COO).


Already have a COO...that's fine! We work hand-in-hand with your COO helping him or her fully understand the COO role and implement it.


In this Fractional role, we operate as coach and mentor to senior leaders, mid-level management, and employees.


Contact us today if interested in discussing Fractional Support.


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