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Becoming Unbelievably Successful

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What are some of the greatest books about becoming successful that you have read?  Do you encourage your kids to read these books?


In high school, we were required to read the classics, like: Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, The Great Gatsby, and Lord of the Flies.  Honestly, the only book I remember was, Lord of the Flies.


When I was a kid, I devoured fantasy and science fiction.  I remember the Shannara and Forgotten Realms series were big on my list.  Also, I loved all The Hardy Boys books.  I owned nearly every one of the original hardcover releases – collected them in fact


It was not until much later in life that I started to read success-related books.  In fact, I did not read Think and Grow Rich, or How to Win Friends and Influence People until last year.  Both of these books were published 40 years before I was even born.  However, they are still considered classic success books today.


Today, I have well over 300 business and success-related books in my library.  At any given point, I have probably 10 to 20 books waiting to be read.


Have you read these books?

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • The Law of Success
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • The Total Money Makeover


Well, my parents had not.  Maybe if they had, they would have encouraged me to read those books along with what I was already reading.  How different my life might have been if I read those books when I was in my teens?


Becoming Unbelievably Successful is one of those books that you should read early in life.  It should accompany the classics from high school and the diversions from reality today.  This book provides a step-by-step blueprint of how to become unbelievably successful in your life.  All you need to do is read and apply the principles of this book!


But this is not a book that will simply tell you that you need to do something.  No, there are too many self-help books on the shelves today that will give you theory without step-by-step guidance.  This book will provide specific actions on how to become unbelievably successful.


Robyn Tresnak, Ph.D.
Lifelong Educator, President and Founder of Robyn’s Nest


“As an educator, I am appreciative for the format of this book.  Whether it is read by a high school student or a middle-aged individual seeking to find success, the brief chapters accompanied by thought-provoking questions, create a simple way for the reader to move through the book.  The concepts presented in the reading are critical to building a successful path in life.  Additionally, it is incredibly helpful to see ways to prepare, stay on, and assess the path.  Not only are there suggestions, but there are samples. This allows the reader to implement the concepts with ease.  People who pick up this book are not guaranteed success.  People who pick up this book, spend time focusing on the reflection questions, then execute each step of the process, will definitely take a journey of “becoming unbelievably successful”.  Success is not a hope, it is an intricate journey.”


Stu Heinecke
Author, Host, Marketer, and Wall Street Journal Cartoonist


Becoming Unbelievably Successful is a ‘What I Wish I Knew Then’ kind of book.  It is a thorough review of best practices and advice for young adult readers.”


Selvi Aurora
Founder and President of Youth Engineers


“John Knotts’ book – Becoming Unbelievably Successful is a must-read.  Once I began to read it, I couldn't stop until I finished!  Extremely powerful novel, I highly recommend this to high school and college students, especially because it can change our perspective on life and provide us with the entrepreneurial tools we need to lead the future of tomorrow.  As always, John's extensive business experience has led him to publish an influential book for our generations!  So excited for all that's to come in the future John!”

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