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Crossing the Zone of Fear

What do you know about fear, and how do you deal with it?


Fear is a nasty, insidious, little creature that lives in each of us, wreaking havoc on our success.


I started writing Becoming Unbelievably Successful in July 2020 and finished it in 43 days. As I was writing it, I realized that fear is the number one thing that holds us back from everything we want in life.


After all, 2020 was a year when fear gripped the world by the throat and was choking the life out of it.


In 2021, I published this article, Are You Dealing With Fear, in Mary Henderson's magazine.


After publishing that article, Mark Wittig asked me to create a special presentation on fear for an upcoming Executive Book Review (EBR) event. The EBR schedule for 2022 was already set, so this event was planned for July 20, 2023.


As I was building this special event, I did a lot of research on fear. Guess what? There isn't a lot of information out there ... Surprise!!!


So, I decided to gather what research I could and address the topic head-on that holds so many people back from unbelievable success!


By the end of May 2023, I published Crossing the Zone of Fear, just in time for this special event.


  • What do you know about fear?
  • How do you deal with and overcome fear?
  • What major fears have you dealt with?
  • How does fear hold you back?
  • What burning questions do you have about fear?

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