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Strategic Business Advisory Services
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Leveraging Strategic Partnerships For Business Growth

Partnering with other companies can help you grow your business quickly by expanding your reach into new markets and customers, while leveraging each other’s strengths. A strategic partnership is a collaborative relationship between two or more business entities that have complementary strengths and resources.  Typically, these partnerships are long-term in nature, but sometimes they are set up for short-term, go-to market strategies.


How To Measure Business Success

I believe there is a big gap in understanding when it comes to measuring business success.  This article will demystify some of this by explaining the relationship between KPIs, metrics, and measures; by outlining the importance of ownership; and by detailing the concept of frequency when it comes to business measurement.


Becoming an Entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to take a business idea and grow it into a series of successful products and services?  Are you capable of building an organization and processes to support the effective and efficient delivery of these products and services? Working with business leaders over the past 33 years, I have identified 10 traits that an entrepreneur must possess to be successful.  If you do not possess these traits, recognize them as gaps that you need to work to close or reconsider your interest in becoming an entrepreneur.


Solving Major Business Problems

Most business problems are seen as simple because people only look at the symptoms of business problems and not the deep-rooted causes.  When you start to dig deeper into a problem and understand what is really happening, the problem quickly becomes overwhelming. This is because major business problems involve system-wide issues and cannot be easily fixed. So, how do you solve major business problems?

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