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Measurement Systems Analysis for the Future


Do you use data to make decisions or do you "wing it?"


Data-driven decision-making is a pretty powerful thing for any business.


However, I've seen a lot of companies making all kinds of decisions without using any data to validate these decisions.


What do you think?


Are you a data-driven person?


Or do you make decisions based on gut and intuition?


If you're data-driven, how are you sure the data you're using to make decisions is actually good data?


When we're using data, we want to validate that the data we're using is good, otherwise, we could make flawed decisions...right?


Enter the analysis approach called Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA).

The MSA validates our physical measurement process and helps us statistically determine if our data collected can be trusted.


I know some of the readers are thinking, "Yea, I know what that is..."


But how many people make decisions based on data pulled from management information systems?


The traditional MSA doesn't help you here.


So, how do you trust the data that you pulled from a system? Is lt always good data? Do we trust it at face value?


Pedro Monteiro asked me to participate this month as a contributor with theleanmag

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