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Breaking Your Intelligent Process Automation Paradigms

When it comes to intelligent process automation, I didn’t have a great deal of experience. However, one of my responsibilities as a director, leading a process improvement team, was to manage a process automation program. When I first started with this new program, I felt that something wasn’t quite right in the way that we were operating. The first year, I learned why – I was stuck in the same paradigms we all face when it comes to intelligent process automation.


What is a paradigm? Essentially, paradigms are mental patterns or models that we establish based on our experiences. Over time, based on our experiences, everything that we see begins to fit within our paradigms. The concept of breaking paradigms is only possible if you recognize those paradigms first.


In this presentation, we will explore and discuss how to overcome the paradigms of intelligent process automation.  We will look at the following paradigms:


  • The Paradigm of Shiny Object
  • The Paradigm of Virtual Employee
  • The Paradigm of Done
  • The Paradigm of Tactical
  • The Paradigm of Ownership


Robot process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are growing in popularity day-by-day. In some cases, they’re becoming a powerful process improvement tool in the quality arsenal. However, we often fall into similar paradigms when implementing an intelligent process automation program.


With real-world advice, this is designed to help you better understand the pitfalls that you might face (or are already facing) when it comes to this journey.

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